Our Story

When it comes to skincare, you’ll inevitably be asked one of two questions?

  1. ‘’Your skin looks great! What are you using on it?’’


  2. ‘’Did you get enough sleep last night?’’

You know what question you’d rather be asked but how do you get there?

A good skincare routine can help to reduce fine lines, bags under the eyes and sun damage. When we started experimenting with a skincare routine, we noticed a huge difference in the color of our skin, reduction of scar tissue and that we got rid of the bags under our eyes.


Our friends and coworkers went from asking us question 2 to question 1 in just a couple of weeks. This was followed by something not a lot of companies talk about. That is, the huge boost to our confidence that came with better looking skin.

It’s been shown that skin issues, from the early onset of wrinkles to scarring can severely impact our self-image, our self confidence. 

This is why we have bought Primary Man to you, the man who wants to take control of his mug and boost his self-esteem. We’ve worked hard to remove many of the confusing roadblocks that come with developing a skincare routine. Creating a simple 1,2,3 system, that’s made right here in Australia, uses high quality and practical ingredients that won’t cost you an arm and a leg but will help to save your face.



Be a Better Bloke

Know your value as a man. Stop settling for discount chemist grooming products filled with who Kkowns what.

Join us here, at the primary man to gain access to some of the highest quality skincare goods Australia has to offer.

Everyone wants to be a man of High Value and a high-value man knows how to look after himself. Start with your face and work your way down from there.