8 Must-have Skincare Products for Men

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Knowing what to put on your skin is no easy task. One look in the cosmetics aisle of any supermarket of the pharmacist could leave even the most competent of men feeling like an idiot. Do I need an all in one body wash or shampoo, do I need an oil-based moisturiser? What’s best for men’s skin? 

The list of options can seem never-ending but fear not, We’ve put together a list explaining the must-have for men wanting to look after their skin. 

Shampoo & conditioner  

There are Shampoos that repair hair, maintain color or combination shampoo + Conditioner. Ideally, you want to look for a shampoo that focuses solely on cleaning your hair. 

In Fact, regular washing is recommended to remove product buildup (Gel/ Wax) to help unclog your hair follicles. Washing your hair removes dead skin cells from the scalp, reducing dandruff. 

Washing your hair also sets it to be receptive to styling, making it easier to achieve your desired look. A good rule of thumb is to find a shampoo with a small ingredients list. 

You should be able to identify a good proportion of the ingredients on the list, things like green tea, eucalyptus, mint etc, these are ingredients derived from a natural source reduces the number of synthesised products on your skin as possible.  Additionally, natural ingredients should coincide with being ‘Fragrance-free’ and the aroma of the product is derived from these natural ingredients.

 Washing your hair also sets it to be receptive to styling, making it easier to achieve your desired look. A good rule of thumb is to find a shampoo with a small ingredients list.

Shaving Gel or Cream:  Chemical-Free Shaving Cream or Gel, work to help the razor glide across your face, providing you with a smoother shave.  We tend to use Gels here, as they are thinner than cream, meaning they can spread more easily across your face.  When focusing on healthy skin Look for a shaving gel that contains natural oils, such as Jojoba Oil to help reduce razor burn both during and after your shave.  

AfterShave:  We want to hydrate the skin after a shave, this can help soothe it and reduce any red blemishes that may occur.  If you’re heading out for the day, make sure to look for a moisturiser with SPF protection, to further look after your skin.   

Cleanser:  These are used to remove pollutants from your face. Pollutants can include things such as excess oil, dead skin, dirt and grime accumulated throughout the day. By removing these from the face, we can unclog our pores and reduce skin conditions, such as acne.  So what should you look for in a cleanser? A foaming cleanser spreads over skin smoothly and washes off easily, while still removing dirt and grease from your skin.  

You want to look for a cleanser that contains glycerin, its extremely effective at holding onto water, allowing it sit on your skin  and keep it hydrated.  

This is particularly important with a men’s skincare routine, as cleansing is usually the harshest step in a routine, this is in part due to the fact that wet skin is prone to losing it’s hydration, as it becomes more permeable,  so glycerin helps to counteract this and overall reduces dehydration within the skin. 

Face Scrub: A face scrub is used to give your face a deeper clean, working to remove any pollutants, grim, or dirt from your face on both the surface level,while also penetrating deeper into the skin. Exfoliating leaves your skin looking brighter and can help to improve the absorption of moisturisers/ serums as well as helping to unclog pores.

 It does this by incorporating particles into the scrub that exfoliate the skin, it’s worth noting that you can easily over-scrub your face, causing micro-tears on the surface of the skin. This can be a result of the shape of the particles used in the scrub, exotic items such as volcanic rock and seashells will do a great job at damaging your face.  To avoid damaging your skin, always gently apply a face scrub and look for ingredients that naturally dissolve once on your skin such as cinnamon or walnut powder.  

Day Serum Serums are a topical product, who’s main focus is to penetrate the skin as deep as possible delivering vitamins and nutrients beyond the surface level of the skin. A serum tends to clear, gel-based liquid, it’s not as heavy as creams, meaning they can penetrate and hydrate the skin at a deeper level.

Serums generally contain antioxidant vitamins such as A ( Helps to reduce wrinkles by thickening and stimulating the dermis, which is home to your collagen and blood vessels) C (  is important for making collagen and works to reducing pigmentation) and E ( Helps soothe and calm the skin with anti-inflammatory properties). It’s ability to pentrate below the surface level of the skin makes it a must-have in a men’s skincare routine.

Serums are the ideal complement to moisturisers, helping to address issues below the surface area of skin. Make sure to apply on just-washed skin, for deeper penetration and hydration.

Moisturiser: Even to those without a men’s skincare routine, most have a passing familiarity with moisturiser.  Moisturiser is useful to all skin types but it excels in treating and preventing dry skin. It does this by holding water in the outer layer of the skin ( Know as the Stratum Corneum)   As mostorisier sits on the top layer of your skin, it also creates a barrier on your skin that protects you from the elements ( especially with a moisturiser with SPF protection in it) and harmful free radicals.  

Remember, it’s important to match your moisturiser to your skin type. People with oily skin should look for an oil-free moisturiser, to avoid clogging your pores.  Dry skin, look for a product that will lock in moisturise. Normal skin can look for something light on the skin with natural oils and sensitive skin people can look for fragrance-free and one with a small ingredients list.

Moisturiser, a must-have in any men’s skincare routine. It sits on the top layer of your skin, it also creates a barrier on your skin that protects you from the elements

Sunscreen: Living in Australia, protection from the sun is not negotiable. UV-Rays cause long-lasting damage to your skin cells long after the sunburn has healed. Responsible for skin cancer, wrinkles, and premature aging the Sun UV- Rays are one of the biggest dangers to our health.   To keep your skin looking young and toned, you need a quality sunscreen.  We recommend using a physical sunscreen. Unlike chemical sunscreens, they use natural ingredients, such as zinc oxide to create a physical barrier between your skin and the sun, which blocks the full spectrum of the sun’s damaging UV-rays.


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